Year End Review 2013: Recreational Activities

F37_March rpt_Pic10_Everyone wants to play volleyball

Everyone wants to play volleyball

1.16_Volleyball game

Volleyball game

Setting up a volleyball court: Thanks to a donation from Serge and Emilie, we were able to set up a volley-ball court, the very first in the village. SAM_1914 SAM_1917










Rented bus that brought the kids from the village in the bush to the busy city


Inside the match factory


Looking at the machinery


Posing in front of the big trucks who deliver the matches throughout the city























School Excursion: At the of the school year, we organized an educational/recreational excursion for the school children to a match factory named SOCALCO. It was fascinating for the kids to watch how this household item was fabricated. Thank you, Salim, for making this day memorable!

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