News for April 2014

Kikimi News: Having electricity now set up in Kikimi is a major victory and opening new doors to further educate the kids and the villagers in a fun way! The Lord supplied a projector for the school, so we’re now collecting material in French to show the kids. Theo started by showing Treasure Attics (a wonderful Christian-based educational series), and will continue with the Animated Bible cartoons in French, which we were able to upgrade from subtitles to French dubbing. We also got the Jesus movie for children in French. He is planning to organize Saturday night showings for the villagers also, as a way to evangelize, and has begun this new ministry with Easter. There is absolutely no entertainment in the village, and people usually get drunk on Saturday night or smoke grass, which needless to say invariably has negative repercussions on themselves, their family and the community. Showing Saturday night Bible movies to the villagers is going to totally transform their lives for the better. Besides praying with the kids and telling them about Jesus, Theo is already teaching Bible classes to a group of villagers and has a growing congregation on Sunday, but showing films is going to attract many more people.

8_And there was Kikimi

And there was Kikimi

9_Showing Treasure Attic to the kids

Showing Treasure Attic to the kids

10_Teaching the books of the Bible

Teaching the books of the Bible

11_Kikimi kids praying for Lenka's healing

Praying for a friend's healing

Thanks to Marsavco’s donation, we were able to distribute a number of hygiene products to the kids. 

12_Distribution of body lotion

Distribution of body lotion

 The kids just returned to school after Easter holidays, starting their last trimester and actively preparing for the end of the year examinations.

13_So happy to learn

So happy to learn


We teach French in our Kikimi school!


Youth Ministry: We celebrated Easter during our monthly fellowship and enjoyed the French version of Tommy’s Windows slide shows (

1_Easter fellowship

Watching slideshows during Easter fellowship

We will hold our 3rd graduation ceremony this coming Sunday for the next batch of Bible students who have completed the 12 Foundation Stones Bible course with Thierry and Olivier. We’d appreciate your prayers that it will go smoothly (ie no power cuts and for people to come on time!), for the Lord to anoint it and that it will be meaningful and envisioning, both for the graduates and for the friends and relatives they have invited.

Here are some pics of Thierry taking his Bible students to the General Hospital to pray for the sick and distribute Gospel posters and magazines.

3_Thierry distributing Activated mags in General Hospital

Thierry distributing Activated mags in General Hospital

2_Thierry's student preparing lit to go witnessing

Thierry's students preparing colorful posters to distribute to hospitalized children


One of Thierry's students listening to hospital patient

As mentioned last month, Olivier recently got a job with a local Human Rights organization in their IT department, running their website and doing other computer work. This has opened wonderful doors for him to witness, in particular to prisoners and victims of abuse, as well as do humanitarian work, when he joins their field trip team. For example, he helped sanitizing and repainting the bathrooms of the central prison.  He continues faithfully to hold meetings 3 times a week with his Bible students at the University of Kinshasa in the evenings, and his wife recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl!

4_Olivier teaching

Olivier teaching

5_Olivier repainting bathrooms at central prison

Olivier repainting bathrooms at central prison

6_Dom sharing testimony during one of Olivier's meetings at university

Gino participating in Olivier's meetings at university

7_Olivier's newborn daughter

Olivier's newborn daughter

Because you have been a friend in quiet ways,

Because you brought gleams of hope on anxious days,

Because you had time to listen when I poured out all my woe,

Because you had troubles of your own and never let them show;

Because you could still be cheerful in a world of haste and noise,

Because you remembered little things, and shared your joys,

Because, in the rough, tough game of life you kept your head held high,

You made me rich in a thousand things that money will never buy.

Francis Gay

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