Happy to be back! — February 2017

1           Plaques

It’s so good to be back in Kinshasa and we are so proud of our partners who have done a wonderful job keeping things running and well organized in our absence. We got some plaques made in France for the medical center and the secondary school and will be organizing the inauguration of these new buildings shortly.


Our faithful partners, Florence and Theo


Plaques brought from France


2           Education

Both Primary and Secondary students are so happy to learn and grateful for their beautiful schools.


Our students receiving new school books

3           Food Distribution

We are so thankful for our faithful donors who continue to supply food items for the orphaned children, thereby playing a big part in their good health and even studies, as we all know young brains learn much better on a full tummy.  We are praying for a solution for bread which is lacking since November.

don mafricom mois de janvier 2017_800x600

Milk from Mafricom

don de sokin pour la bonne année 2017_450x600

Rice, tomato paste, salt, milkm biscuits and drinks from SOKIN

DON de 3 cartes de  viande de abdul pour decembre 2016_800x600

Meat and fish from SAPCO



4           Medical Center

Slowly but surely, the first story is being completed. All the rooms were painted this month. We are still waiting for the balcony to be installed and for the electrician to set up the last connections. As soon as the construction is finished as well as the set up all the plumbing and toilet facilities, we will work on tiling. In the meantime, we are actively looking for an ambulance, which is our top priority for this New Year. We no longer want emergency patients and mothers needing a C-section to have to be carried by foot on a stretcher over 11 km of bush terrain.


Painting of the rooms


Painting of the ceilings


Florence in the lab




Malaria patients on a drip


5           Tailoring Training

Patricia Nzolantima’s visit in December had a positive impact on the population. Word must have gotten around as many new girls and women have now enrolled in our tailoring training.


New students in our Tailoring School



6           Women Empowerment

Some of the new women who have enrolled in our tailoring training are illiterate, so we are planning to organize separate classes for them. We are rejoicing at this opportunity to pour into them and give them a chance to receive a basic education and professional training.


Some of these women will soon join our literacy program


These women (and even one man!) are so thankful for this oportunity to turn their life around and learn a trade.


“God doesn’t desert us in our times of disappointment. Instead, He’s there. He’s thinking good thoughts of us. He has plans for our future. He wants us to carry on with life and not give up, to have hope for what’s ahead, even if things seem so awful today. The key is to look to Him, to know that He loves and cares for us, that He will carry us into the future. We aren’t meant to stop living, to give up hope, but rather to carry on in faith and trust. He will heal. Things will change. Life will continue on, and there is hope ahead.”


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