Recreational and Enrichment Activities

This program addresses the need for holistic education in local schools by providing opportunities for the children to participate in group sports, go on field trips, and engage in activities with art, drama, music and group discussion, in a positive learning environment. Espoir Congo utilizes a character building curriculum specifically created for a young African audience to address relevant social issues and instill positive character traits and Christian morals.

In order to give these children the opportunity to succeed in life and find fulfillment and happiness, Espoir Congo wants to go beyond providing them with material aid and conventional education. Children need playtime, and also the opportunity to develop their creativity and their character in a fun, constructive way. (Watch Espoir Congo Presentation Video--Part 1)

F37_natalie helping child to color

Natalie helping child to color

F37_dress up and acting

Dress up and acting at Christmas time









F37_natie dress up

Natalie helping orphaned boy get dressed up for a skit


Art activity










The children regularly participate in singing, acting, sports, games, arts & crafts and character building activities, using the renown character-and-values-building curriculum developed by educators in Uganda and South Africa called “The STEPS Program”. This curriculum includes a diverse array of Bible based stories, poems, songs and activities specifically tailored to an African audience.


Coloring page that illustrates lesson just taught

F37_happy dressed up

Dressing up and acting is so much fun!


Outdoors games

F37_STEPS program teaching character building

Teaching Bible based principles using the STEPS program

Even if significant emphasis is placed on academic instruction, we find an immense need in the DRCongo for educational materials that address everyday issues such as honesty, diligence, anger, forgiveness, cooperation, overcoming difficulties and having a positive outlook, among others. We believe that giving children a foundation in these Christian principles will equip them for life to become happier, well-rounded and caring citizen.


Art activitiy illustrating the lesson learned

F37_natalie and orphaned boy

Natalie leading an activity with orphaned children


Outdoor games








Playing games during recess

F37_excursion to zoo

Excursion to the zoo

F37_excursion kinshasa zoo

Learning about animals during excursion to the Kinshasa zoo

















An excursion to the zoo was organized in 2011, the very first time for most of these children to come out of their village and see the “big city” of Kinshasa.

F37_outdoor games

Sports and fun


Sports and fun


Volleyball game

Everyone wants to play volleyball

Everyone wants to play volleyball
















In 2012, the children were able to participate in daily outdoor games and sports, and a volleyball field was set up in 2013.

Plans are underway to also build a soccer field and a basketball court.

In 2015, a library was set up in the primary school, in memory of our daughter Natalie. Watch video clip here


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