Would you like to sponsor a child ?

Espoir Congo is a non-profit volunteer organization operating in the DRCongo and registered in France under the number W563003263.

We have around 415 pupils, distributed as follows:

15 in nursery, 200 in primary and 200 in secondary.

Every year, the children from our school have received the best results at the final examinations for Primary School for the commune of N’Sele and our premises have been chosen as an examination center for other schools in the area. For the first time this year, our first promotion of students got their High School Diploma with flying colors.

These children are intelligent and keen to continue their studies, but their parents are struggling to make ends meet. Just a little help could make a big difference to their lives and secure them a better future.

10 euros a month is enough to cover tuition fees for one student, or 100 euros for the school year.

Each donation will be used to cover the education costs of one or more students. Thank you for helping them!

Donate via paypal by clicking on this icon:

or via paypal to: project@espoircongo.com

Jesus said, “Give and it shall be given unto you” (Luke 6:38) and “Whatsoever you spend more, I will repay” (Luke 10:35)



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